A holistic
co-creation space

Understanding the Living Lab concept

A Living Lab is defined as an open, user-centred innovation ecosystem based on a systematic approach to co-creation, integrating research and innovation processes in real communities and environment.

Why is WeMind Cluster behind this project?

WeMind Cluster is the only mental health, neuroscience and ageing cluster in the world and a unique agent to identify ideas, trends and challenges within the health and social ecosystem.

Our mission is to generate an ecosystem that promotes mental health, neurosciences and ageing through the improvement of the competitiveness of companies and organisations, innovation, knowledge transfer and collaboration among the different agents to offer comprehensive and biopsychosocial support to people.

Thus, from an operational perspective, WeMind Cluster is the perfect setting to foster a Living Lab dedicated to provide tailored solutions to the end user, benefiting our sector as a whole.

What is the value of the Care & Autonomy Living Lab?

Above all, developing technological solutions aimed at companies and users, based on real needs.

This allows us to foster innovation based on a patient-centred and empowering strategy.

A realistic approach to healthcare markets through collaborative work, with multidisciplinary and holistic perspectives, is essential for tackling social challenges. Also the promotion of the economic growth of start-ups, SMEs and spin-offs, through an applied technology laboratory.

The CALL is a powerful tool for testing products, creating services and shaping public policies.