CALL: Areas and Services

The strategy and business model of the projects arising from the CALL are consistent with the models of shared value and social return.

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Usability tests

Application of different techniques that allow users to perform specific tasks in real environments, in order to identify potential problems and difficulties related to product or system interaction, thereby enhancing design and user experience.

Professional Training

Our MindExcelence online campus offers courses and training on different topics related to innovation in mental health.

Consultancy in social innovation

We offer advice to organisations, institutions or groups interested in tackling social challenges through innovative solutions. The aim is to generate positive social changes through creative and sustainable solutions, providing a multidisciplinary perspective and encouraging citizen participation.

Communication and dissemination

We share, implement and disseminate acquired knowledge and experiences during the project through social media, congress participation or through publications in BRAINS Journal.

Co-creation activities

Collaborative processes involving different stakeholders working together to foster creativity, innovation and collective decision-making to address specific problems or challenges and generate more effective solutions tailored to people’s needs.